Should I Let A Mother-In-Law Like Mine Come For Omugwo


When my hubby was younger, he fell on his bum into hot oil.

So, when we decided to get married, MIL approved quickly. This is me thinking she really liked me. After our wedding, (still an undergraduate then), hubby and I decided to wait until my graduation before having babies.

MIL who was unaware of our decision treated me like an egg during this one and half years. One day, she even politely asked if we had conception issues. She then opened to me that she thought the hot oil hubby fell into was responsible for his infertility. Understanding MIL’s fear, I assured her that my hubby’s is healthy and we both decided to wait until I graduate before having kids.

I got pregnant and had a set of twins via CS due to severe pre-eclampsia. To my greatest surprise, MIL just changed overnight. Everything I did disgusted her. She would sternly warn me in my hubby’s absence that she and my hubby are not my slave. She would say that in Yoruba culture, the wife is still expected to cook, wash and take care of the home and her in-laws whether she’s had a C-Section or not.

Do you know the stress involved in feeding two crying babies, lacking sleep and having to still deal with MIL? I can’t tell you of all the problems I went through in the hands of my MIL, but the summary of it is that I went into postpartum depression that seriously threatened my life within her one month stay.

The issue now is, I am pregnant again due to failed family planning. When the baby comes, by God’s grace, I don’t want my MIL to come for omugwo so as to avoid problems. Please how can we stop MIL from coming for omugwo? I don’t have problems having her around but not after going through a stressful pregnancy and delivery.

Please I really need your advice on this


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