Are these flags red enough to call off our wedding


Are these flags red enough to call off our wedding?

I met Dare 8 months ago in church. He is a Sunday School teacher in my church. Our youth Pastor introduced me to him and we got talking and somehow, we clicked.

Dare started showing signs of impatience and anger but I thought that he was just being possessive. Whenever he sees another guy, also a church member talking to me, only talking to me, he’ll start acting strange. He will just get cold and speak to me in only monosyllabic until I coax and beg him.

Then he proposed to me with a ring in church during one of our youth meetings, in front of everyone . I was shocked but at the same time so excited that I said yes immediately.

I told my parents and we started making plans for our wedding. His family came to meet mine for the official introductions and date has been fixed for the traditional and church wedding.

Even though I’m young, I run a business which I started while in school and it has become quite successful. I sell hair. Dare then tells me that I will have to quit the business and get a nine to five job because he wants a career woman for a wife, not a business woman because having a career is more secure than having a business. This troubled me but I kept it to myself.

It’s one month to our wedding and we had an argument in the apartment that his parents paid for, and he told me to shut up. I stood up and said, you cannot shut me up. The next thing, he got up and pushed me out of his apartment, telling me to get out. He threw my bag at me and slammed the door to my face.

That same evening, he called but I didn’t pick his calls. He came over the next day and has been begging. I am quite scared of getting married to this man who is exhibiting these signs already. Are these flags red enough to call off the wedding? I do not want to be another domestic violence statistics. Please advise me on what to do.



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