We Love Each Other Very Much But These Issues Are Tearing Us Apart


I have been with this man for almost 5 years now and we have a little daughter. We have been cool together and working towards having our wedding at the end of the year. We love each other very much but these issues are tearing us apart.

We had a little fight yesterday which he caused and I went out of control.

What happened was that he just suddenly stopped talking to me and I asked him what was pissing him off and he said nothing. Later, he started complaining that he was talking to me earlier in the morning about a medicine I got for him and that he still feels pain in his chest after taking it but I did not show concern.

I told him I didn’t hear his complaints and that if I didn’t care, I wouldn’t have brought him the medicine. I reminded him that he is the one who took me back to school after having our daughter and now, I am a pharmacist. I do take care of him anytime he is sick and I do not understand why he is accusing me and lying on me.

I got very mad and couldn’t control it, so I spoilt his door curtains and scattered the room. He told me that if this is how I am going to be getting angry if he marries me, then I will see myself packing back to my parent’s house. Hearing this hurt me so much that the man I’m yet to marry is already thinking of divorce when we have a fight. I really hate to see myself getting mad. While I am helping myself get rid of my anger issues, I think he should also help me bring the best out of me not the worst.

I am so down now even though he has apologized for everything. Yesterday, he has been calling and texting me and trying to talk to me but right now, I feel like moving on since he is already thinking of leaving me later in life.

Every time we have a fight, he will tell me that if am tired of him, I should move on. I don’t know why he doesn’t understand no relationship is perfect. I really feel bad now and do not feel like talking to him anymore. However, I am finding it difficult living without him, we both love each other but this anger issues are tearing us apart.