Is This Enough Reason For An Intending Bride To Consider Calling Off Her Wedding


There was an illustration I once came across; it literally postulated that if in a home, the man has 50k while the wife has 70k, then the total money in that home shall be 50k!

It means that a woman owns her money while the couple owns the man’s money. Now, this is a debate topic so feel free to bring your opinions to fore.

Meanwhile, this controversial post has gone viral on the social media. According to the post shared by TheShadeRoom, an intending bride is confused and needs to take a decision whether to go ahead and get married to her fiancé or to call of their relationship, and this is why.

According to the yet-to-be identified lady…

”My fiance makes $70k a year while I make $115k. I’m completely OK with the difference in salaries. However, I just learned that he has been supporting his mom and dad financially for years since he graduated from college.

I overheard him tell his mom that they can start looking for a new house and he will help them purchase it after we get married since we will have more money with my income.

When I questioned him about it, he said that it was the least he could do for his parents sacrificing to put him through college.

He said that when we get married, my money is his money, and there shouldn’t be an issue with where he’d like for our money to go, especially when it is for his parents. I love this man, but I am seriously thinking about calling off the wedding.”

What do you think about this?