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We Need Anti-piracy Board For The Entertainment Industry – Mr Ibu

Comic actor, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu, has called on the federal government to, as a matter of urgency, establish an anti-piracy board for the entertainment industry in Nigeria to cushion the effect of piracy. Mr Ibu made this known while speaking with LEADERSHIP recently.

According to him, the industry needs this anti-piracy board urgently. “I suggested it to the Senate during an interview when I attended the birthday party of the Senate President. I told them, the government should stop giving actors guild money. I would say it again, the government should stop giving actors guild money. Give us a location where we can build our home, where we can call “Nollywood City, then we will look for sponsors. When we make the approach, these sponsors would know that the government is already with us in whatever we are going to do. And again, since we have NAFDAC that are in charge of food and drugs in Nigeria, we have EFCC in corruption, then let’s have anti-piracy board for the entertainment industry, those people that will take care of us. And we would be very happy because anybody who is a writer will write more when the film is sold, when actors act more, when directors direct more and when marketers market more. But if this virus called piracy is going to continually plague the sector, then that means we are labouring for nothing. Somebody can even sponsor it, I would be the happiest when that happens,” he explained.

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