How I Found Out About My Husband’s Love Child


I need your advice on this issue that has been troubling me. My husband has a love child.

Before I got married to my husband, he cheated on me with another lady and got her pregnant. The lady contacted me via facebook to tell me everything. She said that my then fiancé said he was going to marry her.

I was so hurt that I couldn’t function anymore cause I loved him and we had been engaged for almost a year after he proposed with a ring. I told him I wasn’t interested anymore that it was obvious he never loved me. He involved his family who came begging, so, I told him to clear up his mess.

Days later, he called and pled for us to meet at his family house. His family explained that they discovered that she was lying about my hubby being responsible for her pregnancy. Then my hubby begged and assured me that she’s gone. He said that he has realized his mistake. He also came to beg my people with his people. I forgave him and we started planning our wedding.

We are finally married with a child but my mind is still there. I know she (the lady my hubby cheated with) has put to bed. I saw it on her profile on Facebook. Sometimes, I just hate my hubby and I regret marrying him. He has cheated a couple of times. I’ve seen messages on his phone from different girls but I can’t still get it off my mind. I think he still communicates with this same lady or even goes to see her because the child might be his but doesn’t want to tell me.

Should I ask the girl cause I saved her number or just let it go. I cannot imagine my hubby having a love child. If my suspicions are true, I will leave.

It’s over a year now and I still can’t stop thinking about it. I feel like I made a big mistake marrying him after he hurt me so much. I forgave him cause I thought I won’t be able to move on because of the love I had for him. Besides, so many people already knew we were engaged.

I just want to know the truth so my mind can be settled. I don’t want a situation where she will show up tomorrow with her child (if its his) or I’ll find out later he has been seeing her without my knowlegde. I know I am not perfect. Please advice me on what to do.