My Husband Resigned From His Work And Has Left Home


Please I need your advice on this tensed situation. My husband and I live in Europe with our three children. He has now resigned from his work and has left home.

My husband worked in a famous company with an official 2015 car. He was well loved by his bosses because of his potentials. February this year, my husband told me that he was planning to leave his job to become self employed. He said he was tired of the job and not making enough money. I know his pay wasn’t bad at all.

I talked, petted, did everything to stop him from leaving that job. After his leave, he refused to return to work. His company called him a couple of times but he told them that he was not feeling well until they stopped calling.

Then, my husband started a self employed job as a cabbie. Apparently, it didn’t turn as well as he expected. He is always broke, always complaining. I pay for the mortgage of the house, I clothe our 3 kids, I pay water bills, TV channels provider bills, council tax, and everything about their school. He buys the food and pays electric bill.

When his work card expired, for some reasons, the card renewal agency refused to renew the card for 3 months. I am working and studying which is not easy. Regardless of spending all my money, he does not appreciate it. He asked that I should borrow him money to pay his car insurance which he’s been owing for 4 months. I refused because the responsibility was too much for me. I could not even read anymore. We argued. As a result of not giving him the money from my savings, he told my son that he is leaving and so he left.

For two weeks now, he only called to speak to the children. I don’t know what kind of marriage this is coupled with the fact that he is very ungrateful. I am in my early 30’s and stressed up. What should I do?