The Steering Committee of the Nigeria Civil Society Situation Room is inviting proposals from members and partner organisations of the Situation Room. This call for proposal is funded by the Department For International Development under its Deepening Democracy in Nigeria programme (DDiN 2) through Policy and Legal Advocacy Centre (PLAC) as secretariat of the Situation Room.

The Situation Room has been supported by DFID as part of its “Support for Civil Society’s Engagement with Nigeria’s Democratic Process” with the main objective of strengthening civil society’s demand for electoral and governance reforms in Nigeria.

It is in fulfilment of this objective that the Situation Room is putting out this call for proposal on behalf of DFID. Please find below the criteria for filling the proposal application:

  1. Situation Room partner organisations qualify to receive the funds as follows
  2. Evidence of registration status as not-for-profit organisations including Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), community groups, etc. Profit making organizations will not be eligible.
  3. A concept note must clearly outline how the activity supports/feeds into the work of the SR and any of the following objectives-
  4.      Strategic Objective 1: Elections processes are transparent and credible;
  5.     Strategic Objective 2: Civil society through Situation Room effectively engaged in the electoral process;
  6.      Strategic Objective 3: Elections held under peaceful and secured atmosphere;
  7.     Strategic Objective 4: Electoral processes become more inclusive through engagement with young people, women and people with disabilities.

      iii.        Proof of organisation’s governance structure and existing financial systems including Special Control Unit on Money Laundering (SCUML) Registration and Tax Exemption                                                  Certificate.

  1. A partner organization may act alone or in partnership with another partner organisation of Situation Room. Potential partner organisations must satisfy eligibility criteria as applicable to the this application. An organisatiion that has not met all of the regulatory criteria described herein may partner with other Situation Room member who meets with all of the criteria. The leading organisation must take full responsibility of implementation and management, including execution of project expenditures.
  2. The experience of the organisation in elections, advocacy, and the organisation’s potential to make useful contributions to Situation Room’s work will be highly considered.
  3. Funding Information:
  • The call for proposal will provide a minimum of 20 grants;
  • The maximum amount of support is N5,000,000.00 for one grant; and
  • Funding will cover 100% of the budget.


  1. Duration:

The activities carried out should not last more than six months from the start of the project, which is November 2018.


  1. Factors to be considered:

Geographical balance, Gender, Inclusivity and diversity will also be considered in the final selection of grantees.

Due to the limited number of grants, priority in the selection process will be given to Situation Room members who are not currently receiving DFID grant directly or indirectly. Please find attached the Proposal Application and a Due Dilligence form; to be filled and returned as part of the requirement in addition to Nos (i) and (iv) above. You are encouraged to send in your application early to Y.Z Ya’u – and Esther Uzoma – and cc: Akwu The deadline for submission of proposals is on or before Monday, 29th October 2018.

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