Does My Husband Still Love Me?


Does my husband still love me? How do I know?

I’m a 34 year old mother of a baby boy who is on the spectrum. About 4 months ago, I suspected that my hubby was cheating on me. Because of my baby being constantly hospitalised, I had to resign to take care of him.

Hence, my hubby become the sole breadwinner. During that time he was also experiencing a lot of pressure at work and they even ended up demoting him.

To cut the story short, after I suspected him of cheating on me, I snooped on his phone and saw some sex conversations with two women. One was even married and one was his single ex. He would video-call them every day after work. His routine was leave for work come back past 10pm, and go straight to have long conversation with them. He tell them things he’s never told me. Like, “I love you to the moon and back.”

When I confronted him, he was so mad that he almost beat me up. He said he was just flirting. This is the same guy who has told me several times that he regrets marrying me.

During the time our son was admitted in the hospital three times a week, he would come from work and demand for sex and if I said I was too tired, he would insult me and even say that it’s my duty to satisfy him. And when I feel like making love, he will say that he is not in the mood. Even when I’m ovulating and my need is so strong.

Since he got transferred, he rarely calls home and when I get some money to call him, his number is always engaged for hours past 10 p.m. He has lost all interest in me and I am fed up. If there are any males in this group, could they tell me if this man still loves and cares for me because I don’t understand men anymore.

What should I do?