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A Man Like My Husband Does Not Deserves My Mercy

How do I handle this kind of man who now thinks he deserves mercy from me after all he has put me through.

I have been married for 11 years during which I have undergone plenty of unpleasant experiences by the hands of my husband and his family.

When I was living in the village with my husband’s family before I joined him in the city, his mother treated me poorly. She gave preferred my husband’s younger brother’s wife to be because she conceived before me. She kept calling me names until the village people started talking and advised my husband to make effort to have me join him in the city.

After I finally joined my husband, I noticed that he was not earning well. So, I told him to permit to do serve as a domestic staff for one year so I can save little amount to start up a small business which he agreed to.

During that period, I got pregnant which was five years ago. The family I was working for was nice and they treated me like their own daughter. My husband was not happy with the news of my pregnancy, so he told me to abort it. Since I refused to terminate the pregnancy, my husband turned his back on me and it remained like that for many years.

I delivered a beautiful girl and my husband moved my things out from the apartment we shared to my place of work. This gave him the license to womanize, claiming he’s a bachelor. But he still visited me when he felt like and refused to take responsibility for our little girl.

I report him to my mum who when he went to the village, expressed her pain and advised him to take up his responsibilities. Hubby reported to his mum who called me on the phone and shouted, telling me not to report everything I see in my marriage to my mum. I decided to let them be and I’ve been doing fine on my own.

Sometimes, I receive calls from his girlfriends, warning me to stay away from their man and take my bastard child with me. mach this year one of his girlfriend call me that I should pls stop holding that my bastard child.

To cut the story short, at the moment, he has lost his job and since then he has been disturbing me with calls. He now wants to talk to my daughter whom I he refused to take responsibility for but I have refuse to let him talk to her. My mum thinks I should allowed him talk to her when he calls. Not only that, this same is now disturbing me to borrow him money but I don’t think he deserves any mercy from me. I need your advice on how to handle this kind of man.

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