79-year-old prophet seeks divorce of nine years marriage


A Prophet, Mr Moses Bolaji has dragged his wife, Mrs. Deborah Bolaji to an Agege Customary Court in Lagos seeking dissolution of their nine years old marriage.

Bolaji yesterday told the court that he married his wife on sympathy in 2009 when she was living alone in a church with five children in Idimu, Lagos.

The petitioner told the court that he was undergoing training at Assembly of God church where he noticed that the respondent, a widow, was living in the church with five children.

Bolaji explained that he decided to marry her out of pity so that he could take care of her and her children.

He added that the respondent was a prophetess and that he believed they could work together.

Bolaji, averred that there was no formal marriage between both of them.

The petitioner claimed that he noticed a sudden attitutional changes in his wife.

“She became nasty and uncontrollable. She quarreled with church members always including my elder children, believing that I am the one who is encouraging them to be rude to her. My wife is always teasing and tormenting me to the point of beating her and on several occasions I have restrained myself,” he said.

Mrs Bolaji, a 45- year-old nurse at trado -herbal hospital told the court that she met her husband since 2009, and both have been living together as husband and wife.

“My family was against the marriage due to the age different but I married him out of pity because his family abandoned him,” she said.

She said that her husband was ungrateful adding that he nearly lost his life due to illness.

“ I stood by him, took care of everything including his hospital bills,” she said.

She told the court that she was already involved in the marriage before she got to know that the petitioner had five wives with 16 children

The presiding judge, Mr Philip Willians however, adjoined the case till August 17,2017.