My husband threatened to kill me with a sword


A mother of four, Memunat Ramoni, yesterday presented before the Customary Court, Oja-Oba, Mapo, Ibadan, a sword she alleged her husband, Oseni Ramoni, had wielded while threatening to kill her.

Memunat, who had sought an end to her marriage to Ramoni, told the court that her husband, apart from his threat to her life, was a habitual drunkard who never cared for the offspring of the marriage.

“My lord, my husband is troublesome. He used to threaten to kill me with this sword. He is a habitual drunkard. He is not a responsible husband to me and also not a responsible father to his children. I am the one caring for my children. There is no love between us. Please, separate us as husband and wife,” Memunat appealed.

Ramoni was, however, absent in court though he was served the court summons, according to the bailiff.

The president of the court, Chief Ademola Odunade, held that the primary responsibility of a customary court was to ensure peace among people, especially couples who are having disagreements in their marriage.

Odunade noted that life was particularly sacred and, therefore, the court would need to carefully resolve any issue that could result in death.

He said, “Having considered the evidence given by the plaintiff and the non-appearance of the defendant in court, the court granted dissolution of the marriage forthwith.”

The court granted custody of the children in the marriage to the plaintiff and directed that the defendant should pay the sum of N10,000 monthly as feeding allowance for the children.

It also ordered that Ramoni should pay the sum of N12,000 as house rent allowance to the plaintiff and N3,000 for her packing allowance.