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African union :Official Opening of the Observatory of African Migration

The limitations and absence of migration data have limited the ability of the Member States of the African Union (AU) to formulate coherent migration strategies.

Furthermore the informal existence of migratory movements, the porosity of borders and the complexity of data collection have been illustrated.

On the continental level, human migration to and from Africa has made it very difficult to monitor migratory movements.

To this end, the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union (committed by Decision Assembly/AU/Dec.695(XXXI) to establish the African Migration Observatory

As an AU body in Morocco, to resolve the true and urgent need for Africa to generate awareness and to better understand the migration phenomenon.

Against this backdrop, the African Migration Observatory will open on 18 Dec 2020 in Rabat, Morocco and on 18 Dec 2020 in Rabat, Morocco.

It is going to be led by H.E. Ms Amira Elfadil, Commissioner of the Kingdom of Morocco for Social Affairs and Government. The African Migration Observatory is new AU mechanism to help create accountability and transparency. Effective and realistic policies and programmes on migration by reliable and accurate data on migration. The Observatory will also promote the implementation of the Marrakesh Global Migration Compact through data collection  and fostering continental and   international cooperation in the field of migration and strengthening the contribution of migration to sustainable development. 
About the African Observatory for Migration 
At the 31st AU, the proposal to create the African Migration Observatory was endorsed 
The Summit of African Heads of State and Government was held in July 2018 in Nouakchott, Mauritania. The African Migration Observatory aims to improve Africa’s overall migration governance system and to function as an African organization tool for addressing migration data vulnerabilities on the continent and to direct African countries in the implementation of evidence-based migration policies.

The key targets are:
1.Providing a centralized, coherent source of migration data to the Continent for further analysis, policy formulation and programming, and to enhance the overall governance of migration in Africa;
2. Advance the African Continent’s information base for migration and mobility;
3. Contribute to proof-based migration policies and initiatives in Africa;
4.Help and put together other established migration projects, namely the African Centre for Migration Studies and Research in Mali, the Continental
Operational Centre for the Fight against Irregular Migration in Khartoum, the Institute for Statistics of the African Union (STATAFRIC) based in Tunis, national statistics offices and migration data hubs in Africa and beyond.The goal of the Observatory will be ‘harmonizing African States’ national strategies and enhancing cooperation with partners,’ thus addressing the collection and production of information on migration within Africa, the regulation and harmonization of policies across Africa, and the interaction with partners abroad. It will also direct African countries to develop successful migration policies within the framework of the AU Framework for African Migration Policy (MPFA).


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