Nwosu advises FG to execute key economic policies

Nwosu advises FG to execute key economic policies



By Abuja Reporter




The outgoing Chief of Staff, Imo State, Mr Uche Nwosu, said if key economic policies are executed, that it can address the issue surounding fuel subsidy removal.




Nwosu said on Wednesday in Abuja while fielding questions from Newsmen in a virtual news conference said such policies would also help in improving the economy and boost living conditions of Nigerians.


“President Bola Tinubu said outlined economic plans and policies when executed would completely eradicate poverty and revive the nation’s ailing economy.




“Looking at the issue of fuel subsidy, one can only commend someone who has the guts to quickly talk about the issue of fuel subsidy and to remove it.




“This is a bold step in the right direction to strengthen our economy and boost living conditions.




“President Tinubu mentioned that establishing a commodity board and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to unify the exchange rate and balance interest rates.




“He also talked about implementation of electricity generation, both transmission and distribution at the state levels, which means that the new law passed by former President Mohammadu Buhari will give states power to generate power.’’




Nwosu said all what the new president said are laudable outlined policies.


He said if the president is able to implement the key economic policies that it would provide the new Nigeria that everyone would be proud to live in.




“The most important thing now is prompt implementation and effective execution,” he said.




Nwosu advised the Federal Government to explicitly outline the modus-operandi of operations of the commodity board and the stock exchange in order to avoid clashes in their operations.




He also advised the president to carefully select competent and credible cabinet members that would align with his plans and policies and not stall his good intentions for Nigerians.




According to him, the president should not be in haste to appoint and assign roles and responsibilities; he must carefully consult and select his team.




“Whether the president says he would take another 60 days to appoint and nominate or select his cabinet members.




“The most important things is for him to have a team of vibrant, competent, credible, capable and ready to work team.




“We know that the issue of administration is not about age, because even the President of the US, Joe Biden is running for a second term and he would be heading for 90 years or so.




“So we don’t expect to see our president everywhere and that is why he needs the best of hands to carry out his plans for the betterment of the people and not for selfish purpose”, he said.




He urged Nigerians to be receptive, to pray and support the government for it to work and yield rapid results within the shortest period of time.

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