Call for Volunteers

We are seeking young people especially mass communication university students—across the state who can serve as a volunteer.

We’re also always excited to get well-written stories, informed contributions! Have a strong opinion, story or other contribution?

Some of the News reports has been achieved via crowd-sourcing and working through citizen reporters. Do you want to be a volunteer reporter, working as a volunteer for the news in your state or country? Email us

Please note that, for the above roles, we have a rigorous process of selection, and as such have the final say. We look forward to many more of you joining our community!


  • Coronavirus Survives On Skin Five Times Longer Than Flu – Study

    3 months ago

    The coronavirus remains active on human skin for nine hours, Japanese researchers have found, in a discovery they said showed the need for frequent hand washing to ...

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  • 2.2 Million Facebook And Instagram Ads Rejected Ahead Of US Vote – Facebook

    3 months ago

    A total of 2.2 million ads on Facebook and Instagram have been rejected and 120,000 posts withdrawn for attempting to “obstruct voting” in the upcoming US presidential ...

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  • Prof. Akintade Appointed as a Member of the Maryland Health Care Commission in USA

    4 months ago

    Speaking of Nigerians doing exploits around the world, Professor Abimbola Akintade is a name to recon with in the sphere of modern day healthcare education, research, delivery ...

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