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  • Champions League Draw Comes With UEFA Hoping Virus Doesn’t Ruin Plans For Lisbon Finale

    3 days ago

    Four months on from the last match in this season’s Champions League, the draw for the final eight will be held on Friday amid ongoing uncertainty about ...

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  • Beach Volley Ball: Nimrod Gives Olympics Qualification Assurance

    4 days ago

    The President of Nigeria Volleyball Federation, Musa Nimrod is optimistic the country’s beach volleyball women’s team will qualify for next year’s Tokyo Olympics. Nimrod admits the COVID-19 ...

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  • Brazil League Announces August 9 Start Despite Opposition

    5 days ago

    The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) has set August 9 as the date for the resumption of the national championship, drawing opposition from regional authorities amid the coronavirus ...

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  • Markets Mostly In Reverse After Latest Stocks Surge

    5 days ago

    Asian markets mostly fell Tuesday as traders took a step back after their latest rally, with a run of upbeat economic data offset by fears over a ...

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  • German Industrial Output Shows Modest Recovery In May

    5 days ago

    German industrial output rebounded 7.8 percent in May, showing a modest recovery after steep falls in March and April due to the effects of the coronavirus, official ...

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